After my digestive fiasco with McDonalds on Saturday, I knew I needed a change. So today, I decided to be intentional about my move towards a healthier lifestyle. I began the day with a carrot, apple and celery juice from a small, but popular,  little juice bar near my job. I brought three 8 oz bottles of water from my home and a couple of selections of fruit. Although I did have a slight setback with a leftover latte from Starbuck, I passed up the opportunity to receive a fresh refill and went straight to the juice joint.

These juice meals always scare me. Will I be starving 30 minutes into work? Will I pass out from fatigue and hunger? Will this juice be…enough?


I think that was my main struggle. How can a 24 oz cup of juice and a couple of  8 oz bottles of water be enough to sustain me unto lunch?  When you are use to the salty warmth of a breakfast sandwich, or the fullness that a donut with the right amount of sweet can provide, how can something as simple as juice be enough?

I was hit with a tad bit more than just a juice cleanse today.

I began to have some interesting thoughts on the meaning of contentment. While my body was saying, “Yes, this juice is beyond enough”, my mind was telling me I was crazy.

“Don’t you want chips?”

“Don’t you want a Mexican pizza for lunch?”

“Are you sure you don’t want Subway?”

It was a battle.

I actually hadn’t made up my mind on what I was having for lunch until I pulled my car into the shopping center where the juice bar was located. I walked to the Stater Bros. near by and grabbed some tangerines, one avocado and chili pepper. I had decided that these would be the only solids that I consumed for my lunch break. I walked into the juice bar and happily ordered the carrot, parley and spinach combo juice. Don’t forget the water.

Once I got it. I felt inspired. I wanted to post it to Instagram but I wanted to ensure that I left a message that truly represented what I had learned about being content in just the first few hours of the day.

I’m not going to say that I have mastered the ins and outs of contentment based off of two liquid meals. But this did get me thinking. How does one stay satisfied with their physical “Enough” when their mind and the world around them is screaming for something more.

Its funny how God has lessons hidden behind other lessons.


Stay nourished,


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