Empty Rooms

Here I sit. Alone in the foyer of this slightly unfamiliar church. The space is nice, yet burdensome at the same time. Because just behind me, in the silence that now seems a little too loud, there are others who wait with me. I am alone. But not really. We all are quiet, seated in our perfered positions of comfort. The silence is deafening. Maybe I am not the only one who struggles as an awkward girl on the sidelines. Maybe this is more universal than I think. Maybe my flaw was not in feeling like the awkward girl, but in the belief that I was the only awkward girl. 

I am sure that this is how the enemy tricks us. He allows us to believe that we are the only ones in our struggle. That if people found out they would never understand. So we sit. In our silence. Allowing it to overtake and control us. 

It’s like we are sitting in empty rooms. If only we would turn around.


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