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This quote brings so much relevance to what I have come to believe over the last few months about life. Part of the reason I started this blog was because I want to bring life to the stories of others as well as my own. I want to promote transparency in our lives. Even though I struggle with finding people that I trust to truly pour my heart out, I know that there is still some healing in allowing people to know that I struggle too. That I am not strategically selecting the best pictures from my day for a social media spotlight. My life is not perfect. It’s good, but not perfect. I struggle, I cry, I get extremely insecure, I get angry and envious and I beat myself up over it. Despite all this, I’ve realized that I can find comfort in knowing that I am not the only one. That despite the mask that others may use, they, too, are facing the same battles. If only we would speak up about it. I wonder what it would do to satan’s pride if we were to rise up and admit that we are broken and in need of help. It’s in our secrecy that he get us. It’s in our secrecy where we allow our struggles to grow.




One thought on “Speak

  1. Beautiful!! We worry too much of what people will think of us, or why we let those things in our secrecy of of lives tear us down. I’m the first to admit, I’ve gone through some things this past year where i would cry every night waiting for a break through. Never told anyone in fear of what they would think. God came through,like He always does..


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