Pushing Past My Fear To Start A Business



I want to start a business. Sometimes I struggle with what I should actually be selling, but it has always been my desire to create some type of brand. I guess that explains why I often find myself going back and forth with ideas and concepts that could potential turn into bigger platforms. I am a dreamer. I am a creator. And I want to offer the world something great. I just don’t know what.

Sometimes my mother hates me. Not literally of course, but she often rolls her eyes at my ability to switch gears and come up with new ideas and new desires in the blink of an eye. I used to feel bad about this. My mind wanders and I know it, I just can’t seem to help it.

Now, I’m done. Not with dreaming. Never with dreaming. But with thinking that something is abnormally wrong with me. Now- I realize that God has gifted me with a mind that thrives on all things creative. I no longer have to feel guilty. However, I do need to focus.

I want to start a business. So I need to look at the ways that God has uniquely gifted me. I obviously have a desire to write. Over the past few years, I have fallen in love with videography and I have a desire to learn photography. I think I may be on to something. With the recent help of Christy Wright and her launch of the Business Boutique, I’ve had about a year to truly think about what my business should be. And with a lot of time, doubt and mind juggling, I think I have finally figured it out.


It seems odd when I write it. Is that even a real job. But when I think about the writing, the video, and the photos. I realize that all of these could work together and independently to accomplish one thing; they tell stories.

In making this decision, it would only make sense that all of the fears and doubts would rush into my mind.

You are not that good at photography

You don’t have expensive film equipment

You are not good enough to do this.

Boom. Boom and Boom. Like bullets, they hit me. Doubts, negative thoughts, fears, anxieties. And then I start to retract. Right back into my cubical. The blinking cursor mocking me.

This is why Christy Wright’s Business Boutique could not have come at better time. It is through her work that I am learning that fear is expected, but I cannot let it stop me.

I will not let it stop me.

I’m going to start a business.

Much love,


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