When Anxiety Attacks Your Business Idea

It creeps up on me sometimes. Just when I least expect it. My mind begins to race, and I almost feel a shortness of breath coming on. It’s the anxiety, and it’s coming for my business. I’ve talked about my fears of starting my own side business on this blog, but I don’t think  I’ve fully understood what that meant. I think it is easy to believe that if we are afraid of something that is probably a sign that we should not be doing it. It’s like our internal consciousness is warning us to “Stay away!”.  Most times I listen. I pick up my stuff. Head for the door, and make a peacefully satisfied exit. Fear and I go way back. She would never let me down.

Now, as I dive deeper into this venture I’m understanding that fear was never my friend. And the anxieties that came with it can no longer find a warm and familiar spot on my couch.

They have to go.


As I was thinking of all the ways anxiety tries to keep me from pushing forward with this dream, I realized that I am under attack. And if you are trying to accomplish something major, you better believe that you are too. Nevertheless, fear and anxiety cannot become us. They cannot have our dreams and they cannot have our plans. We have got to fight back.

So, here are three things that work to keep me from balling up into a corner when that nagging feeling of fear and anxiety begin to tap on my shoulder.


  1. Meditate on scripture. Philipians 4: 6-7 of the Bible says, “do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and your mind through Christ Jesus.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve quietly recited this verse to myself when I have been hit with a bout of anxiety. There is this subtle sense of peace that lightly flutters on my heart when I say the words to myself. It’s like this gentle reminder that the fears that I have are rooted in things that I do not know, and do not understand. This verse tells me that it is not up to my understanding. In fact, it tells me not to even trust it. And that, is refreshing.
  2. Spit in Satan’s Face. Over the past few years, I’ve heard several Bible teachers mention the fact that since God does not give the spirit of fear, then this spirit must be coming from somewhere else. If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s Satan. And he wants you to fail. What better way to keep you from doing something that could help someone, or yourself, in the most benficial way than to implant fear and anxiety. It is his way of blocking your efforts and blocking your success. Fight it. And spit in his face.
  3. Take the anxiety with you. Christy Wright, creator of the Business Boutique, often reminds her follwoing to “do it scared”. That to me is brilliant. How many times have we talked ourselves into beliving that we will try something when we are no longer afraid. When it no longer intimidates us. When it no longer has an uninviting snear. However, the “do it scared” phrase tells us that our dreams cannot wait. And that we cannot use fear as our excuse to not start. As a result, a time will come when we will inevitably have to just “do it scared”. I was afraid when I started photographing my cousin for her senior portraits. But eventually that fear began to fade, and I started to have fun. So, when it is all said and done, take the anxiety with you. It will soon get the message 😉


Much love,




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