When You Know What You Need To Do, But You Don’t Want To Do It

I’m a fighter. Not in the literal “boxing gloves and vaseline” sense, but I have noticed that I have the tendency to fight against things. Sometimes unknowingly. Over the years I have taken note on how I can hear a sermon, read a blog post, receive personal advice from people in my life that IContinue reading “When You Know What You Need To Do, But You Don’t Want To Do It”

When The Cubicle Walls Begin To Close In

No, you aren’t crazy. Those short gray walls surrounding your desk, boxing you in for the next 8 hours have the tendency to move. Even if it’s just mentally. With 80% of your time spent at work, and most likely at a desk, it is easy to go stir crazy. Constantly battling the feeling toContinue reading “When The Cubicle Walls Begin To Close In”

Wonderland of Debt

      Has the education system played us? Have we fallen so blindly down this curious and unfamiliar black hole, chasing a white rabbit of hopes and dreams, that we couldn’t see the pitch forks waiting for us at the very bottom? Are we creating a culture of excited high school graduates who willContinue reading “Wonderland of Debt”

Sometimes, All It Takes Is A Soda, A Pen, And A Dream.

This week has been rough. Each day I’ve approached the timeclock dragging the heaviness of the last 8 hours behind me. I walk out the doors feeling as if I’ve just barely dodged an avalanche of rocks. Just. Barely. Today was no different. Typically speaking, I am most often filled with energy on Thursdays asContinue reading “Sometimes, All It Takes Is A Soda, A Pen, And A Dream.”