When The Cubicle Walls Begin To Close In

No, you aren’t crazy. Those short gray walls surrounding your desk, boxing you in for the next 8 hours have the tendency to move. Even if it’s just mentally. With 80% of your time spent at work, and most likely at a desk, it is easy to go stir crazy. Constantly battling the feeling to just jump up and run out of your office and into a field of soft comfy pillows and a marathon of Stranger Things. Although the temptation is strong, we must prevail. In our hardest moments of being at a job that we struggle to find success and happiness at, we must remember that our time of persevering through data-entry mistakes, rude calls, and frozen clocks will only help to build the type of character that is needed to sustain you through the rocky moments of that career that you so desire.

Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverence, perseverance, character, hope.1

This verse from Romans helps to bring me back. Back to my senses during any moment of doubt, impatience and frustrations. It is what reminds me that this time that I am spending, struggling to see the light, will only help to build the type of person that I need to be for what will come next.

So, when the cubicle walls begin to close in on you

Knock them down.

We are building character here, people.



Much Love,


One thought on “When The Cubicle Walls Begin To Close In

  1. You go girl! Keep pushing through! Change those cubicle walls with decor for now😉. Your season will come don’t give up. Miss ya and our little random talks..


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