Recognizing The Poison in Your Small Irritations​

I thought I had been very precise. But I clearly hadn’t been because as I heard the barista call out my drink, the only thing I could do was roll my eyes. They had gotten it wrong. On a day where I needed it to be right. I wouldn’t even bother to deal with the hussle of getting them to correct it because I was running late. Taking the drink, I spun out of the Starbucks with the boiling desire to slam my drink against my car. The fact that I had parked along side the drive-thru, filled with people and running engines was the only thing that kept me from doing it. I got into the car heated, but before I could drive out of the Starbucks parking lot, I realized that in my current moment of frustration over a $5.00 coffee, someone in Houston, Texas has lost everything in the midst of Hurricane Harvey. How can I complain about a drink? It is so easy to get lost in my small little world, that I forget about the horrible things that are happening in the universe. My selfishness is disgusting and it has blinded me to the true hurts of this world and it’s time for me to wake up. These small irritations that we deal with and take on have a way of poisining us from what is real, what is true, and what is important. So Starbuck got my drink wrong. So what. That will not mark my end. It’s time I get my priorities in check. Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 10.18.47 PM


Much Love,