Learning To Wait Well

Let me be clear. I hate waiting. I’ve grown up in an era where everything could easily be placed at my fingertips with the simple click of a button. It would only make sense that as I get older, and the ability to retain things in this world becomes easier, my means to wait well would begin to evaporate. The dilemma that I find myself running into now deals with how well I am able to wait on God for what it is that I desire, and not just my wireless connection. It’s hard. In a world where people are going from relationship to relationship, moving from career to career, you would think that I would somehow find myself within this very mixture. In my fourth dating relationship, looking for the one. At my fifth company looking for the field that suits my passions perfectly. But that is not my story. Now, my story involves learning to wait well.

At the beginning of September, I finally bit the bullet and decided on the word that I would have engraved on a key from a company called The Giving Keys. It’s a company that seeks to provide jobs to individuals transitioning out of homelessness in L.A. buy providing engraved keys with the customer’s word of choice. Typically, the word should represent something you are trying to embrace. Once you have, it is now time to pass the necklace on. I learned about the company years ago, but I could not decide what it was I wanted my word to be. There are a multitude of things that I need to embrace as a Christian girl in today’s world. Words like Beauty, or Chosen, or Glory would have been perfect, but as time went on, I realized that the word that I would much rather learn to embrace first is Wait. I am waiting on a career, I am waiting on a husband. Simply put, I am waiting for my life to unfold. I am grateful for what I have now, or at least I try to be. But I do know that when I am not content, it has a lot to do with my disinterest in waiting.

Lamentations 3:25 says, “the Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him.”  It’s easy to rush, to jump ship from my job and from my singleness and into a position and season that I was not meant to be in. I can go after the things that I want, on my time and my dime alone. But it won’t be because of God, or my love for Him. It would simply be because of my inability to wait. How sweet will it be to have Him gift me with his gentle and powerful hands with what it is that I desire without any of my help. God loves me. Desperately. He sent His Son to die for me just to prove it. How dare I rush ahead of the one who is all controlling because I don’t trust His timing. It is time that I dig into the goodness of God so that I can truly see how much He cares for me. And how much He wants me to know that He has my back. I just need to chill. The truth is, if I am going to receive anything that God plans to give me with grace, I will probably need a large amount of patience. I know that God has me at this place and in this moment for a reason and for a season. I need only to Love Him and embrace it.



Much Love,


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