Colorful and mysterious, yet lacking in true storytelling captivity.

From the moment I walked through the doors of my local Cinema and used my nifty MoviePass to purchase a ticket for this film, I was interested in the possibility of stepping into a theater hoping to see something as crafty as Ex Machina or as mindful as Arrival. Instead, I was met with something strange, a tad bit confusing and at its best … peculiar.

Anhillation sets the scene of a world (which really means a government) that is questioning the¬†existence of a shimmer…yes, a shimmer. A colorful and slightly invisible wall that instantly takes you into what should be known as a forbidden forest upon stepping into it. Military officials go in, but the question remains on if they come out. Although the picture was driven by its mysteriousness, it missed the mark on delivering what the true mystery was and why we were actually waiting for it.

While I think the movie desired to bring viewers into the science they were trying to present, I found myself caring more about where they chose to film. The location seemed beautiful and serene, that is until things get a little…beastly. While the film was lead by Oscar Winner Natalie Portman, I would say the stand out star was Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez. Her persona as a tough, yet distressed participant on this journey was fitting and I would hope to see her in more roles similar to this, preferably with a different storyline.

My rating 6.5/10

Happy viewing,


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