Black Panther

Whenever there is a newly added addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, my interest could be further from the frantic fascination that it often attracts. Likewise, at the announcement of another superhero movie I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was extremely underwhelmed. However, since I am now a MoviePass subscriber, I figured it would be a waste not to use my pass on a film that I knew would consume the nation. So, I saw “Black Panther”… And then I saw it again.

To say that I at least liked watching the film would be an understatement. I was invested in every aspect of it. From the language to the accents. From the clothing to the cultural unity. From the soundtrack to the cinematography. I was there for it. As a black young woman in America, it was amazing to see such representation in a major Cinematic film, not only of blacks, but of blacks who held the same complexion and hair texture of my own. While some may find this juvenile, it can be considered the ultimate win for a culture that glorifies certain looks over others.

The story kept me interested. Interested in the cultural traditions, lifestyle and victory of the Wakandan people, as well as the victory of the Black Panther. The action came at just the right moments and stayed for just the right amount of time. The comedy was sprinkled in subtly. And I loved hearing how the audience would react to it the second time around.

All in all, I would say that I was proud of it. Proud of the visuals, proud of the story, Proud of the actors, proud of the director (31-year-old Ryan Coogler) and proud of its placement within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Wakanda Forever,


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