Incredibles II

The Incredibles II has a unique ability to make 14 years seem like 14 minutes.
If you were old enough to truly enjoy the first Incredibles film when it hit theaters in 2004, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about.
With beautiful animation, familiar characters and an excellent script, it was easy to become entangled in Brad Bird’s continued exploration of what a fantastic 5 family would look like in the 1960s. While I’ve long since dropped the idea that animations are for kids, with kid themes and kid ideas, Incredibles II is probably the most live action-esque film involving Pixar characters that one could expect to see involving superheroes.
From the revelation of Jack Jack and his powers (**SPOILER ALERT: That raccoon scene was EVERYTHING**), to Helen Parr further embracing the use of her own power while sharing a cocktail with a new and intriguing character. Incredibles II serves new and old audiences in every way. With its ability to continue the story on Violets love life and the presence (or lack thereof) of Frozone’s wife, the only question Brad Bird has left unanswered in Incredibles II is will there be an Incredibles III and how long will it take to get here?
Rating: 9/10
Happy viewing,

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