Start The Dream

Just Start. Make the flyer. Write the post. Make the business cards. It’s what I tell myself every time this haunting feeling of “do something more” creeps up on me. But do I do it? No. My heart begins to race, and my anxieties begin to rise. I can’t do this. I can’t start aContinue reading “Start The Dream”

When The Silence Is Too Loud

I know how to be alone. At least I tell myself I do. The truth is, as much as I find contentment in being in a room by myself for hours, I have begun to notice a fact about my own personality that I’ve kept unkowingly in my back pocket since I was a child:Continue reading “When The Silence Is Too Loud”

Pushing Past My Fear To Start A Business

  I want to start a business. Sometimes I struggle with what I should actually be selling, but it has always been my desire to create some type of brand. I guess that explains why I often find myself going back and forth with ideas and concepts that could potential turn into bigger platforms. IContinue reading “Pushing Past My Fear To Start A Business”

I Wrote A Play, But God Put on The Show- Part 1

Well, I haven’t been here in a while. Which is sad, because I have had plenty to talk about. I guess we’ll begin with the fact that in December, I wrote a play for my church. It was never my plan to do such a thing, but it would be deceptive if I didn’t addContinue reading “I Wrote A Play, But God Put on The Show- Part 1”

Through A Perspective of Peace

“I won’t sacrifice my peace for your comfort.” -Anthony Evans, Jr. The war that I have been battling in my mind for months has not been fun. Like irritated siblings at odds, my heart and mind rage war against each other on whether or not the decision to simply let go was correct. Friendships. TheyContinue reading “Through A Perspective of Peace”

To Tell A Story

Rejection is my story. Insecurity is my struggle. One day I would hope to write a book on how rejection and insecurity can be demolished in Jesus’ name. But first, I have to live it. To tell a personal story one must have courage. I haven’t arrived there yet. My fears and anxieties have takenContinue reading “To Tell A Story”